Saturday, April 30, 2011


I keep seeing these pictures over old dictionary pages so Ii decided to do my own version.  Here is a raven I reverse painted on glass (Okay, I traced it with a black paint pen), then I printed out The Raven  by Poe (oh, how original, right?) and put a few feathers on it!  I like it.
The other thing I want to share is my picture frame made from an old encyclopedia.  I work at the library and have access to lots of old books.  I've made several altered books so I thought i would do something different.  I cut a large opening in the front cover, removed around 20 pages from the front and then used thick double sided tape around the bottom, and sides so I had space for the photo to slide down inside.  I painted the book black and added some gold glitter paint and some embellishments and now I have a picture frame!!

Oh, I glued all the rest of the pages together, I think I forgot to say that.  This picture is the photo (London Eye) sliding down inside the frame.

Here's the finished thing!

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