Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Giveaway!

 Amberkatze's book blog is going to give away a Gail Carriger steampunk novel - Heartless!!  Check it out!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Melissa's Giveaway!

To celebrate 3 YEARS of her blog, Melissa at Creating From the Heart is having a giveaway!  Great prizes - greater blog!!  Check it out:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yes, more Steampunk

Did I mention I LOVE steampunk??  I do.  Today I made a mini using G45, of course, but I also used Tattered Time and then a bunch of other papers that looks steamy - or at least Victorian - to me.  Here's the cover.  I put tin foil over it and stuck it in my embossing folder with the gears on it.  Then I used alcohol inks of various colors to make it all rusty looking.  I added two gears I cut out of foamcore and painted with metallic paint.  I used some metal foil I got from Oriental Trading Co to edge it, a sticker that says "take some time", an old watch face and some lace.  I made a tag out of one of those laminate tiles I pick up at the hardware store all the time - just added a rub on of a clock.  

First page is just a photo mat , then I had a photo of these guys in top hats.  I made it into a mat on the back and fixed a band to hold it in place.

These 2 pages have pockets.  I love this lady from G45's Steampunk Debutante.  I added a few tags into the pocket.  The guys are the other half of the photo I mentioned earlier.  I used pop dots then that tag with 214 on it is a double tag that opens for journaling or photos.  There are a few old stamp stickers jut for embellishments.

This page unfolds so you can add a couple of photos.  I used a central London paper, a clock rub on and a couple of words from the G45 Le Cirque paper.  The other page I left very simple so it could hold a photo.

This page is a small tag turned into a pocket and some stickers spelling out "good times".  The one on the right is a fold out for photos.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps (Father's Day) of an airplane and goggles and a G45 tag on the front.

I like this dress form paper.  I edged this in metal foil as well.
This one is a photo mat with fancy edges.  On the right I used Tattered Time paper, cut out the gears to form the pocket and used a page decorated with words as the tag.  Simple but I like them both.
Here's another simple page and then another pocket.  I'm not sure about the stamps at the bottom.  I might change this one. 
This is a tri-fold page of G45 paper with a booklet inside.

And opened-

The back page just has a cool sticker and a stamp of the goggles!

And that's it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scrapperlicious Hits a Million!!

To celebrate  a million - yes, one million - hits, Irene Tan at Scrapperlicious is doing a huge giveaway of Bo Bunny products!  Rush over there and sign up.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


An Artful Adventure by Cassandra Van Curen is doing a giveaway of a fantastic bracelet and a copy of Creating Marie Style magazine!  Run to her blog to enter!  Here's the URL, 'cause I don't know how to link :(

London Mini!

Okay, here's a mini made with pix from the '09 trip to London to see John Barrowman.  These were just some of the photos I liked best.  I used some in the big album, but I wanted an accordion album to put on the shelf and this has some of the wacky photos, some of the cool photos and some of the extra photos!!!

This page lifts up so I could add 3 others.  I had a lot of photos left that I liked and wanted to get as many in this mini as possible!

Yes, these do go the wrong way, so I put the words the opposite so you could still read it from the shelf.  I like the way it looks.

Well, You can't see it very well in this pix, but there are two flaps of different sizes that swing out and reveal Nelson's column.  I made one shorter because I cropped a photo and decided to use the other half someplace else.
I just liked the arrow so I put it on the page with a brad.  It will swing around- it just looks cool.  I was going for wacky and colorful with this album and I think that kind of fits in.
There is space behind some of the photos to make pockets for even more photos.  I added that tag that sticks up to kind of give it a title.  Lot of stickers and some stamps and it's done!