Friday, May 13, 2011

Steam Driven

I love steampunk so I'm going to post some of the scrapbooks and other steamy things I've done.

This is my favorite page.  I cut out the pages so a mint tin would fit down into the pages.  I then cut out the facing pages so it could be seen from the other pages.

See!  It looks pretty, IMO, anyway.  It was a bit hard to cut out all the pages with my exacto knife but I really wanted to do this.
This one is a mini accordion album.  I happen to love G45s Steampunk Debutante paper if you couldn't tell.

I made this necklace too, using Tim Holtz gears and a picture of Robert Downey Jr in a topper.  It looks really cool.
Okay, this isn't steampunk but my friends and I finished this album of our trip to London.  We saw La Cage Aux Folles so it had to be really flashy!

We used as many shiny, glittery papers as I could find and then tossed on bling, glitter and feathers.  It was so gaudy - but just perfect.

More later!

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  1. Your steampunk album is just beautiful! Love how you've worked the mint tin into it, amazing! keeleyxx