Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zutter smash album!

Well, Patti and I decided to buy a Zutter binder.  I've been wanting to make a smash type album so this was the perfect opportunity.  My sister and I are going to England for her 50th birthday in Sept. and I wanted to make a 50 things to do in London album.  I wrote out 50 things to do around London and England when we get there we will do the things and I will take a photo for the album!  It should be fun.  Anyway, I got the album all put together but not embellished yet.  Here's a few pix.
I made a few mistakes and there are several pages I couldn't use.  The directions for this are a bit weird so I just winged it.  It turned out pretty good.  The next one will be better.

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